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Samantha and Mallory at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin
(March 2006)

Samantha and Mallory dressing for Carnival (in Maastricht, The Netherlands)
(February 2006)

Samantha's Basketball Team (Wolder Lions) Picture in The Netherlands
(March 2006)

Visiting with former BGSU BBall Player Len Matela (playing for Antwerp in Belgium)
(February 2006)

Samantha's Basketball Picture
(Age 10, January 2005)

Samantha's Basketball Team (Double Trouble) Picture
(January 2005)

Samantha's Basketball Team (Double Trouble) Were Undefeated League Champions
(February 2005)

Samantha's Sevilla Shirt
(in front of a Sevilla sign in Estes Park, Colorado)
(August 2005)

Samantha and Mallory as Ball Girls for the BGSU Women's Team
(November 2004)

Samantha's Kindergarten Picture
(Age 6, September 2000)
Sam's_Backyard.jpg (100845 bytes)
Samantha's Backyard
(July 2001)

Samantha at the Grand Canyon
(February 2004)


sambread.jpg (61223 bytes)
Samantha's first Jewish Cholla bread.
(Christmas 1998)

sam-twin.jpg (55444 bytes)
A Twinn doll and a Vegies Tales video for Christmas. What more could a girl need?
(Christmas 1998)
samradsh.jpg (135151 bytes)
Samantha's first radishes of the season!
(Summer 1998)
Swim_Chase.jpg (196983 bytes)
The boys are already chasing Samantha.
(July 2001)
sam-2yrs.gif (44281 bytes)
Samantha, Age 2
(Fall 1996)
girlschr.jpg (15327 bytes)

Two Idaho Vandal Cheerleaders
Samantha (3) and Mallory (10 months)
(December 1997)


samcheer.jpg (20925 bytes)

I-D-A-H-O...Idaho!...Idaho!...Go!  Go!   Go!
(Age 2 1/2 - March 1997)


sjg_first_grade.jpg (85454 bytes)
Samantha's First Grade Picture
(Age 7, September 2001)

samcarrt.jpg (121033 bytes)
... and carrots!
(Summer 1998)
sam-trik.jpg (26768 bytes)

Samantha on Daddy's Old Tricycle
(A Present for Her Third Birthday)
September 27, 1997


sam-rob.jpg (23435 bytes)

Samantha and Robert McCollough Coloring Easter Eggs
(March 1997)

sam-food.jpg (21417 bytes)

Samantha Loves Spaghetti!
(Age 3 - November 1997)



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