Samantha Gremler Gallery
Artwork by Samantha

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"My Dad's 3 Roles:  Dad, Coach, and Teacher (with his new textbook)"

January 2006

"Dad Teaching Class"

December 2005



"My Dad is a Great Professor"

November 2004

Sam's_Lady_bug.jpg (160107 bytes)

"Lady Bug"



Special_Dad.jpg (202676 bytes)

"My Dad is Special."

(One Week after "Take Your Daughter to Work" Day)


redheart.jpg (43979 bytes)

"Valentine for Daddy"

February 2000

sam_wb_final4_party.jpg (71223 bytes)

"Final Four Party"

April 2001

sam_wb_daddy_office.jpg (64299 bytes)

"Daddy in His Office"

July 2001

Sam_Hand_Fish.jpg (1884111 bytes)

(done in Kindergarten class)
Fall 2000

sam-art1.jpg (107177 bytes)

"For Daddy's Office"




4/23/98 (Take Your Daughter to Work Day)


chickn-art.jpg (80552 bytes)




rnbowflowr.jpg (114517 bytes)

"Rainbow Flower for Mommy"

August 1999





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