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Mallory's first team sport
(The YMCA basketball team)
(March 2005)

Jill Lause and "Little Jill" (a.k.a. Mallory) after BGSU Women's Team Victory
(November 2004)

Mallory and Samantha as Ball Girls for the BGSU Women's Team (with Megan Thorburn and Liz Honegger)
(November 2004)


mallory_smile_010328.jpg (435560 bytes)
I'm happy spring is here!
(April 2001)

At_the_Capitol.jpg (122419 bytes)
With new Friends from Germany at the U.S. Capitol
(August 2001)

mjg_4th_birthday_date.jpg (76815 bytes)
Mallory's 4th Birthday...
on a date with Dad!
(February 2001)

Mallory at the Grand Canyon
(February 2004)


malbkend.jpg (71058 bytes)
What are you doing, Mallory?
(February 1999)

mal2bday.jpg (54998 bytes)
Mallory's 2nd Birthday!
(February 1999)

mal-kiss.jpg (63348 bytes)
Giving Daddy a kiss!

mal-tub.jpg (41183 bytes)
Practicing for swim lessons in the tub.
(March 1999)

mal-1yr.jpg (119020 bytes)
Mallory celebrates her first birthday!
(February 1998)

cookies.jpg (74085 bytes)
Elmo cookies for Mallory's birthday guests.

malpaint.jpg (63864 bytes)
Mallory's first finger painting session.


mal-8mos.jpg (16877 bytes)
A cutie at 5 months
(July 1997)

mal-swim.jpg (23598 bytes)
Mallory is going swimming at 6 months
(August 1997)

mal-food.jpg (16544 bytes)
I love my food!
(October 1997)

mal-jack.jpg (19018 bytes)
Two cute pumpkins!
(October 1997)

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