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Family_at_the_Capitol.jpg (159954 bytes)
At the Capitol with my family (pictured with Thorsten and Claudia Hennig-Thurau from Germany)
(August 2001)

harbor_bridge.jpg (82601 bytes)
opera_house_w_ko.jpg (64463 bytes)

dg_at_opera_house.jpg (66939 bytes)


dg_at_Niagra_Falls.jpg (55184 bytes)
At Niagra Falls, NY
(July 2001)

Sydney Harbor Bridge (left and above)
(pictured with Javier Reynoso from Mexico)
(May 2001)

Sydney Opera House (pictured with Ko de Ruyter from The Netherlands)

maori_statue.jpg (99851 bytes)
With a Maori Statue in a New Zealand Rain Forest
(May 2001)

In my (new) BGSU Office
(October 2000)


dg-beard.jpg (54467 bytes)
Winter... The beard kept my face warm and my wife happy!
(January 1999)


atcheers.jpg (134090 bytes)
With Steve Brown at Cheers Bar (in Boston)
(August 1998)


dg-spkmn.jpg (141125 bytes)
My class guarantee makes the front page in the Idaho-Spokesman Review
(March 27, 1999)

rafttrip.jpg (121117 bytes)
Candy and I shoot the rapids of the Salmon
(near Riggins, Idaho)
(August 1998)


atfenway.jpg (106411 bytes)
At Fenway Park (Boston)
(August 1998)

wpe1.jpg (11419 bytes)
I brought matching dresses for the girls back from Belgium
(June 1998)


dggirls.jpg (19807 bytes)
With two of my  favorite girls.
(September 1997)

Photo in Coeur d'Alene Press Article
(January 1996)
(Photo by David Gunter)

borah-pk.gif (100165 bytes)
On top of Borah Peak - Highest Point in Idaho at 12,662'
(one year after ACL knee surgery)
(August 1996)

ddg_and_tht.jpg (78513 bytes)
With Thorsten Hennig-Thurau at the U.S. Capitol Building
(August 2001)


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